October 31st
is National Magic Day!

This book is banned-Scarlet Books that contain magic are frequent targets of banning. Not so ironically, there’s an adventure in the beloved children’s series Magic Tree House  about a historical book burning, and the dangers of banning books.

cover of a Magic Tree House book about book burning

This Book is Banned_Scarlet Alphabet

The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie back two thousand years to ancient China where they must find the original copy of an old legend before the Imperial Library is burned down by the evil Dragon King.

Conjure the rest of Jack and Annie’s adventure
by clicking on the incantation…  Abracadabra ala kazam!


Mary Pope Osborne. Day of the Dragon King. Magic Tree House #14. Illustrated by Sal Murdocca. New York: Random House, 1998.

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