The Color Purple: Defining Text of Womanism

Calling The Color Purple a Womanist work is like characterizing The Iliad as just another epic poem. It isn't merely an example of the genre in question, it's the defining text. To learn about Womanism, what The Color Purple has to do with it, and why it was banned - click on the post's title.

Power of Books Author Series: Jamie Jo Hoang

In this edition we talk with Jamie Jo Hoang, author of My Father the Panda Killer. We touch on generational trauma. And, how books engender empathy and understanding, which can help break the cycle of generational trauma. To check out our entire conversation - click on the post's title.

It’s Right to Read Day, 2024!

A record-breaking 4,240 unique book titles were targeted for censorship in 2023. Last year Unite Against Book Bans established a day for readers, library lovers, and advocates everywhere to stand up to censorship as part of a national day of action -- Right to Read Day, and thousands answered the call. Let’s do it again! Because the book banners are definitely still at it. For statistics to share, a guide to get you organized, and a toolkit to get you started - click on the post's title.

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