Privacy Policy:

This Book is Banned isn’t a corporation.  And, it isn’t associated with an institution of any kind – I’m just a Humanities geek on a soap box.  Moreover, there’s no advertising on the site. So, the typical privacy issues involving the Internet are not an issue. Still, it’s wise to have a privacy policy that spells out what information this website does receive from you, and what happens with it.  So, here it goes.

Information You Provide:

  • Communication:  If you contact This Book is Banned (either directly/email, or by way of the Comments feed), we’ll receive your name and email address, as well as any other information you may choose to provide. This information is used to respond to, and communicate with you directly. It is not shared with any “third parties”.
  •  Newsletter:  If you sign-up to receive the This Book is Banned newsletter, you provide your name and email address. These are used exclusively to deliver the newsletter to your inbox.  As such, this information does exist within This Book is Banned’s secure account with the external services used to deliver the email newsletter (MailChimp). This information is not, however, shared with any “third parties”.

Information That is Automatically Collected:

  • Usage Information:  This Book is Banned lives on the website development/content management system WordPress. To help website publishers understand how readers engage with their sites, this platform includes a statistical analytics feature. What does that mean? Well, anonymous information about This Book is Banned’s pages (which ones are clicked on most, what time of day they are most often visited, and how long readers stay on a given page) is represented in these statistics. This information helps us provide a better experience for you, the reader.


  • Data Transfer:  It’s my understanding that because This Book is Banned is based in the United States, I should also point out…  if you visit the site from another country, your data may be transferred to the US, and other countries that may have different data protection laws than the country where you originally provided information.
  • Data Security:  Every effort is made to make This Book is Banned, and your information, as secure as possible. The Internet being what it is, however, no set of security measures can be 100% secure. Unfortunately, hacks and cyberattacks are part and parcel of the computerized world we live in.

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