We May Read for Enjoyment, but Literature Isn’t Written Just to Entertain Us.

People have been telling stories since the dawn of time. But, storytelling has never been just about entertainment. Why are books written, then, if not for readers’ gratification?

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Novels are Like Layer Cake – Be Sure to Get Every Bite.

The first thing we notice about books is the plot. But just like a birthday cake and its icing, there’s more to a novel than its surface narrative. It’s the layers beneath the compelling plot that give a novel substance.

If You’re Not Engaging a Book’s Symbolic Language, You Aren’t Really Reading It.

A novel’s symbolic language carries a message beyond simply what happens in the plot. But like luggage, it has to be unpacked. So, here are a few forms to be on the look-out for the next time you pick up a book.

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