New tool in the fight against book banning!

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Unite Against Book Bans just added a new tool
in the fight against book banning!

ollaborating with the publishing community, Unite Against Book Bans has developed a free collection of book résumés, if you will. This new tool is designed to support librarians, educators, students, parents, and other freedom-to-read advocates in their efforts to keep frequently challenged books on shelves.

Partnering with dozens of publishers, and including information provided by librarians and School Library Journal, Unite Against Book Bans book résumés are simple-to-print documents designed to help support readers’ access to books targeted by censors.

Each résumé includes:

  • a summary of the book’s significance and educational value
  • a synopsis
  • reviews from professional journals
  • accolades and awards it has received
  • and more.

When applicable, résumés also include information about how the book in question has been successfully retained in libraries and school districts after a demand to censor the work.

These documents are in PDF format, so they can be downloaded and printed for easy sharing with book review committees, administrators, and the public at board meetings.

Spread the word. Share this new ban-busting tool far and wide. You can find an extensive list here:

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