Back to School in Plato’s Republic: Lesson Plan, or Censorship?

We live in a culture spellbound by censorship. In the past, it was far easier to weigh in on the topic of censorship. But now, the considerations have grown more complex. So, we might want to consider one of the first proposals to censor works of art, one suggested close to 2,500 years ago. This attempt occurs in Plato’s Republic.

Book Banning & Burning Throughout History

Book banning has been part of human history since ancient times. At different points in history, authors of banned books have been ostracized, jailed, exiled, or even threatened with death. During certain historical periods, possessing a banned book was regarded as a heretical act or considered treasonous, and therefore punishable. Here’s a brief timeline of book bannings, burnings, and other censorship tactics.

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