Slaughterhouse-Five: Jumbled, Jangled… and Burned.

Slaughterhouse-Five revolves around Billy Pilgrim, who like Vonnegut himself, was a POW in Dresden when it was firebombed during World War Two. Billy has “come unstuck in time.” And to complicate matters further, he is abducted by aliens, two-foot-tall creatures shaped like toilet plungers, from the planet Tralfamadore. It's been challenged at least eighteen times, primarily for “obscene language,” and “anti-American” sentiment. And yes, it was actually burned as a result of one of those challenges.

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Book Banning & Burning Throughout History

Book banning has been part of human history since ancient times. At different points in history, authors of banned books have been ostracized, jailed, exiled, or even threatened with death. During certain historical periods, possessing a banned book was regarded as a heretical act or considered treasonous, and therefore punishable. Here’s a brief timeline of book bannings, burnings, and other censorship tactics.

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