The Scarlet Letter: A – for Adultery, Antinomian, or America Itself?

Historically speaking, whenever The Scarlet Letter has been banned or challenged, the objections have come from all directions. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s name may be inextricably linked with the Puritans, but he clearly had a complicated relationship with his subject matter. He’s renowned for his deep symbolism, psychological insight, and the “mystical blackness” that pervades his work. So, The Scarlet Letter is about much more than a misbehaving minister.

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The Scarlet Letter: A – for Adultery, Antinomian, or America itself / Endnotes

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Novels are Like Layer Cake – Be Sure to Get Every Bite.

The first thing we notice about books is the plot. And who doesn’t enjoy reading about a couple guys on a cross-country rager, or a spooky old haunted mansion with an ancestral curse. But just like a birthday cake and its icing, there’s more to a novel than its surface narrative. It’s the layers beneath the compelling plot that give a novel substance.

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