Show Me on the Doll Where This Book Hurt You

A poem by that addresses not only the limited thinking behind censorship, but also the dangerous implications of the practice. By Daniel W. Wright. . . They finally started coming for the information Just as they once went after music Put a parental warning sticker over my mouth and the mouth of every writer out there To Kill... Read More.

Aphorisms Unplugged: Go the Extra Mile.

T his expression is frequently dished out as advice to do more than is required, in order to impress the boss. In its original context, however, “going the extra mile” is much more than simply a way to get ahead in a competitive world. But what? Sometimes that well-worn adage doesn’t really mean what our literal-minded, text-focused, Google-driven world... Read More.

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The Lottery: Who’s the Lucky Scapegoat?

T he Lottery ends with a famously disturbing plot twist, one that has provoked controversy since the instant it appeared in The New Yorker. What point was Shirley Jackson making? The idea for The Lottery popped into Shirley Jackson’s head on the way home from the market, as she pushed her daughter up the hill in the stroller that... Read More.

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