Power of Books Author Series: Dr. Michael Datcher

In this edition of our Power of Books Author Series, we talk with Dr. Michael Datcher about why it's important for stories about diversity to be told. We also touch on the damage that's being done when books about diversity are banned. To read our entire conversation about these important subjects - click on the post's title.

New tool in the fight against book banning!

Unite Against Book Bans just added a new tool to the fight against book banning! Collaborating with the publishing community, Unite Against Book Bans has developed a free collection of book résumés, if you will, to support librarians, educators, students, parents, and other freedom-to-read advocates in their efforts to keep frequently challenged books on shelves. What's included on these résumés? To find out - click on the post's title.

First Ever Eleanor Roosevelt Banned Book Awards

We're over the moon about the first ever Eleanor Roosevelt Banned Book Awards Ceremony! The event celebrates the inaugural winners of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Bravery in Literature, recognizing authors whose works focus on racial justice, LGBTQIA rights, and gender equity. To find out who is being honored, and which books have been identified as advancing human rights - click on the post's title.

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