Aphorisms Unplugged: Blood is Thicker Than Water

Y our mom might have used this saying to explain why you have to take your little brother when you go to the movies with your buddies. Well, you can tell your mom that this 3,000 year-old adage doesn't mean that at all. On second thought, it might be a good idea to keep that information to yourself, at... Read More.

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: They Even Banned Dorothy?!

T he Wonderful Wizard of Oz is more than the "girl power" and "good" witches that ironically got it banned. L. Frank Baum set out to write a “modernized fairy tale” for the children of his day.[1] According to the Library of Congress, he did more than simply accomplish his goal. He ended up producing “America’s greatest and... Read More.

Back to School in Plato’s Republic: Lesson Plan, or Censorship?

C ensorship. It's increasing at an alarming rate. Like a lot of other topics, Plato has a lot to say on the subject. What is his perspective on the matter, and is it still relevant? This piece from guest essayist Boaz Roth offers some insight into those questions. . . We live in a culture spellbound by censorship. ... Read More.

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