Power of Books Author Series: Federico Erebia

I n this edition, we talk with Federico Erebia about how young readers being able to see themselves in books like Pedro & Daniel can literally be life-saving. And, how it offers hope for those who may be dealing with stigma and abuse. Efforts to ban books during the 2022-2023 school year are up 33 percent from the 2021-2022... Read More.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: a testimony of social value

M alcolm X, needless to say, was a legendary civil rights activist and advocate for Black empowerment, one who continues to be widely celebrated for his pursuit of racial justice. His powerful speeches and fiery rhetoric challenged societal norms, which made him a controversial figure in the eyes of many white Americans – both during his lifetime and today.... Read More.

Even Biographies Get Banned!

B iography is one of the oldest forms of literary expression. This literary genre features an account of a person’s life by someone other than the subject of the work.[1] When the biography of a person’s life is narrated by that person, it’s called an autobiography. And, believe it or not, both forms of this literary genre have been... Read More.

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