Henry James’ “The Jolly Corner” and Related Thoughts: a response to “I took the road less traveled by”

This piece from guest essayist Allen Schwab reflects thoughts and memories evoked by our previous post "I Took the Road Less Traveled By." Schwab considers parallel themes in Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken," and Henry James' short story "The Jolly Corner," topped off with a dash of Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar." What can these works possibly have in common, you may ask. To find out- click on the post's title.

Free Nationwide Digital Access to Banned Books: New York Public Library’s Teen Banned Book Club

The New York Public Library is offering free nationwide digital access to young adult books that've been the object of bans or challenges. Not to mention author talks and the Teen Banned Book Club, so you can join the conversation. To leap into this post to get started - click on the post's title.

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I Took the Road Less Traveled By…

The closing lines from Robert Frost's poem are typically seen as an anthem of independence. These words have been borrowed for everything from high-school commencement speeches to product advertisements, and more. But Frost's poem isn't actually a paean of bold self-assertion and uniqueness. What is he talking about, then? To find out - click on the post's title.

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