Novels are Like Layer Cake – Be Sure to Get Every Bite.

T he first thing we notice about a birthday cake is the icing. And who doesn’t love a good butter cream? But there’s more to these delicious delicacies than just frosting. Without the rich, baked layers that gives it substance a cake’s icing would be little more than a puddle of sugary goo. And the same goes for novels.... Read More.

If You’re Not Engaging a Book’s Symbolic Language, You Aren’t Really Reading It.

A novel’s symbolic language carries a message beyond simply what happens in the plot. But like luggage, it has to be unpacked. Reading literature is more than being swept along by the charm of the characters, anticipation for the next shocking twist, or the thrill of the events on display. But it can be tricky. After all, as Hermann... Read More.

A Caboodle of Fun & Fancy Words

J ust as Mary Poppins taught us, words can be fun! Remember supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? And let's not forget King Lear’s flibbertigibbet. Then there's the magical incantation abracadabra. But these are just a start, take a gander below.. . Floccinaucinihilipilificate: Your mom might do this when she thinks about your video games. Or you may do it when you catch a... Read More.

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